How Different Dog Breeds React to Robbers

how different dog breeds react to robbers

Having a dog is a very good idea, but you need to know how different dog breeds react to robbers so you can make sure that you are protecting your home. There are several different types of dog breeds, including the Rottweiler, Doberman, Bull Mastiff, Pulis, and Komondor.


Despite their size, Rottweilers can be friendly and protective. They have a strong work ethic and serve in the police and defense departments. They are also great companions. But they are also quite aggressive, so owners should be careful with them.

If your Rottweiler seems nervous around other dogs, it may be due to herding instincts. They may also “bump” toddlers to herd them. It is important that adults keep an eye on kids around Rotties at all times.

Rottweilers need training and regular exercise. They also need to be socialized early on. It is best to enroll your dog in a professional dog trainer’s program. This will help your Rottweiler to learn how to behave in public.

You should avoid having your Rottweiler in off-leash dog parks. This will help prevent aggressive behavior.


Often seen as one of the world’s most intimidating dogs, the Doberman is also one of the most lovable. The dog is known for being incredibly loyal and protective of its owners. It can also be used as a guard dog.

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The Doberman is actually a breed of dog developed in Germany in the late 1800’s. Louis Dobermann, a tax collector, started breeding the dog for protection. He traveled to dangerous areas and collected taxes.

He later began breeding dogs for companionship. Dobermans were bred to be big, heavy, and strong. Their hefty body was a good deterrent to intruders.

One of the most popular family dogs, the Doberman excels in therapy and protection roles. It is also one of the most common working dogs in the military. It is ranked number 17 on the American Kennel Club’s list of breeds.

Bull Mastiff

Having a dog that protects your family can make your home a safer place. Some breeds are more protective than others, and it’s important to choose the best for your family.

One of the best breeds for protecting your family is the Pit Bull. They are a very large breed, and they can lunge at an attacker.

Bullmastiffs are also great watchdogs. They are able to track a person down even at night. They also make great therapy dogs.

They were originally bred in England to be fast, strong, and fearless. These dogs made short work of most criminals and escapees. Eventually, they became primarily domesticated.

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The Bullmastiff is a big dog, but it’s also a loveable companion. These dogs are very clean, and they don’t shed a lot. They are also very intelligent and trainable.


Whether it’s a Golden Retriever or a Komondor, a dog’s reaction to robbers will differ from dog to dog. Some breeds are incredibly protective of their owners, while others may be more relaxed. For example, the German shepherd may be more tolerant of other dogs, but the komondor is a more assertive breed.

Komondors are often used to guard flocks of sheep or cattle. They also protect herds from wolves and thieves. They have a dense, woolly undercoat and are very quiet. They also don’t shed inside the house. They are very hardy, and can handle freezing weather. They are great dogs for families with young children. They love to be outside in the garden, and are loyal to their owners.

The komondor is a Hungarian sheep dog. It has a short, rectangular body with a medium-length back, a domed skull and a medium-sized jaw. The paws are wide and thick, and the legs are strong.


Various dog breeds can react to robbers in different ways. The best way to determine how they react is to look at how they act during actual break-ins.

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For instance, a Mastiff will often hold its ground pacing back and forth. It is also a very good deterrent to robbers.

Similarly, a Pit Bull has a large mouth and can spit out scary barks. However, they are also one of the smallest dog breeds.

Aside from its intimidating size, another factor that contributes to its intimidation factor is its colour. Typically, dogs are more menacing in black. It’s also worth noting that black dogs are favored in security contexts.

Pulis are also good guard dogs. They’re energetic, self-confident, and they’re highly intelligent. They are also good with children.