biggest dog breed in world

Biggest Dog Breed In World

The Biggest Dog BreedS in THE World

Officially, the Central Asian Shepherd Dog, or Alabay, is the biggest dog breed in the world at a whopping 30 inches (79 cm) tall, and a scale-topping 174 lbs (79 kg) in weight! The breed used to be used for livestock guarding and guard duty. Today, however, they have become a popular family pet. They are known to be extremely obedient and love to play with children. 

Here are some other huge dog breed s you should know!

Dogue de Bordeaux

Originally bred in the Bordeaux region of France, the Dogue de Bordeaux is the oldest of the French breeds. They have been used as guard dogs, herding cattle and fighting bears. They are also known for their gentleness and protectiveness.

They are known for their big heads, short coats and white markings. They are highly alert dogs with alert, white eyes.

They tend to stay close to their favorite people. They are also affectionate with children. They are devoted to their masters and will do what it takes to protect them. However, they may be aggressive towards other animals. They also have a strong prey drive.

They can be prone to food allergies though. They can also be susceptible to heart disease, epilepsy, cancer and hip dysplasia. It is important to be consistent with training and to monitor the amount of food you give them. They also respond well to reward-based techniques.

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English Mastiff

Despite its size, the English Mastiff is a gentle giant. It is an ideal family pet. And, it is also a great show dog.

The name of the breed comes from the Latin word mansuetus, which means tame and domesticated. These dogs are thought to be the descendents of the ancient Molosser, a breed of war dog. They were also bred for certain tasks in everyday life.

The Mastiff was originally bred to guard flocks in the mountains. They were also used as gladiators in the Colosseum. The Mastiff’s name is also attributed to the ancient Egyptian god Hercules.

Today, the English Mastiff is a popular pet and show dog. It is also used as a police dog and security dog. They are known for their friendly temperament and deep voice.

Black Russian Terrier

Originally developed during the Soviet Union during World War II, the Black Russian Terrier is one of the most popular breeds in the world. It was developed for its protective qualities, courage, and intelligence. It is also known for being a people-oriented dog, which makes it perfect for household with children.

Black Russian Terrier is a large, muscular dog. It weighs between 80 and 130 pounds. It stands between 30 and 30 inches at the shoulder.

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It has a straight back and large forelegs. The Black Russian Terrier’s eyes are oval-shaped with a confident gaze.

The Black Russian Terrier was developed to serve as a guard dog and patrol the border of the Soviet Union. The Soviet government founded the Red Star Kennel in the 1930s, where scientists were creating the ultimate guard dog. They wanted a dog that would catch intruders and be capable of running long distances.


Originally bred for fighting, the Tosa is one of the world’s largest dog breeds. A large, broad head with ears hanging floppily on both sides of the cheeks gives the dog a powerful, athletic look. The dog comes in colors like red, brindle, black, and fawn.

The Tosa was first bred to be a fighting dog, but today it is a popular guard dog, watch dog, and even a champion dog. The dog is considered a national treasure in Japan. The breed was named after the province of Tosa in Shikoku, Japan, where it originated. Today the province is renamed Kochi Prefecture.

The Tosa Inu is a big dog with a muscular build and a strong jaw. The dog is also known as the Japanese Mastiff or Japanese Fighting Dog.


Despite its long history, there is no written record of the origin of the Leonberger. Some people claim that it originated from a cross between the Pyrenees Mountain Dog and an unknown local breed. Others believe that they were created using a broader variety of dogs.

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The Leonberger is a large dog with a powerful chest, long flowing hair, and an upright carriage. The Leonberger is considered to be an extremely loyal and loving dog.

The Leonberger is also known for its medium length waterproof coat. The coat colors vary from light brown to red. The Leonberger has a black face mask and triangular ears. The eyes are dark brown and almond shaped. The Leonberger is very adaptable and will do well in all living quarters.

The Leonberger is an excellent therapy dog. It has a very gentle and affectionate nature and is great with children. It also loves the company of the entire family.