Will Cat Allergies Go Away?

will cat allergies go away

Having a cat in your home can be an enjoyable experience, but it can also trigger an allergy. Cat allergies can be treated with medication, or you can opt for immunotherapy. The latter is a therapy where your doctor injects small amounts of the cat allergen into your skin. This therapy works by retraining your immune system to recognize the cat protein as non-allergenic. It can be very effective, but it’s not guaranteed to cure your allergy.

Cat allergies are triggered by proteins found in cat saliva and dander. These particles can float in the air and settle on surfaces, making it easier for people to sneeze. They may also stick to carpets, floors, and walls.

A good way to reduce the amount of cat allergen you are exposed to is to avoid carpets and upholstered furniture, and to wash and replace bedding regularly. You may also want to purchase a HEPA filter vacuum, which can help remove allergens. You can also get a special cover for your pillow to help prevent the allergens from penetrating the pillow.

When you first notice an allergy, you should seek medical advice. You can also try antihistamines to relieve symptoms. Your doctor might also recommend a nasal spray, which can also help. You can also wear a face mask when cleaning your home. You should also consider changing air conditioning filters on a regular basis. Keeping the humidity level at around 40 percent will also help.

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If you do not have allergies to cats, you may be surprised at how many people have these types of allergies. It’s more common for people to suffer from allergies to dogs than to cats. Dogs produce more allergens than cats, so if you’re allergic to a dog, it’s likely that you’ll also have problems with cats.

Luckily, you can also reduce your risk of a cat allergy by making sure your cat is kept out of your bedroom. You should also make sure the cat’s litter box is cleaned by a non-allergic member of your household. You can also keep your cat outdoors. You can also use a HEPA purifier to help keep your bedroom free of allergens.

If you have cat allergies, you should also make sure that your cat is kept outside. You should also wash your bedding regularly, and make sure that your cat has fresh water. You should also brush your cat frequently, as it may help reduce the amount of cat dander in your home.

You should also avoid using perfumes and other scented products. This is especially true if you have a cat. You may also want to consider removing your drapes or curtains. You can also cover heating vents with cheesecloth to prevent allergens from getting into the air.

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If you are suffering from cat allergies, it is important to understand that they can get worse over time. If you notice your allergies are getting worse, you should contact your doctor to see if you have a more serious problem. There are also some new and effective cat allergy treatments available, including vaccines.