How to Remove Cat Urine From Your Plants

will cat pee kill plants

Whether you have a potted plant or a ground plant, you may wonder if cat pee will kill plants. Cats are known to mark their territory, and peeing on your plants may be a sign of a territorial problem. If your cat is using your plants as a litter box, you need to remove the cat urine from your soil or planter to ensure the health of your plant.

There are several ways to do this. You can spray your plant with water or wash it with a hose. However, a more effective way is to use a cat deterrent spray. These contain ingredients that discourage cats from peeing in your plants. You can also buy humane deterrents. If you want to deter your cat from peeing in the first place, you may want to consider installing chicken wire or plastic.

The best cat deterrent is the simplest. You can place an unpolished rock on your soil to deter your cat from peeing on your plant. If you don’t want to use rocks, you can also use aluminum foil and pine needles. While these might not be as effective as a plastic deterrent, they can discourage cats from peeing on your plant.

Another great cat deterrent is to place a citrus peel on your plant. This will give the plant a scent that will make it less attractive to cats. You can also use the peel to help remove the cat pee from your soil or planter. Depending on the type of citrus peel you use, it might make the urine smell less skunky.

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Using white vinegar on your plant is a good way to remove the cat pee from your soil. It will also cut the odor of the ammonia. However, it is important to note that rinsing out cat pee from your pot will take a few tries. You might also want to try replanting your plant to a different location in your garden.

You can also use a dehydrating agent such as salt. This will help dehydrate the cat urine, but will also deprive the plant of water. However, it is important to use salt wisely as it can deprive your plant of the water it needs.

Using a deterrent is the best way to keep your plants safe from cat pee. You might also want to make the most out of your plants, by keeping them in a shady area or hanging them on a wall to prevent them from being hit by flying insects. You can also place a hose in the pot to get rid of the cat pee from your plants.

The cat pee has been known to damage the foliage of your plant, but it may not have a huge impact on its root crop. If your plant has started to fade, you may want to prune the leaves and replant. You can also add an enzyme cleaner to the soil to help break down the proteins found in cat urine.

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