What Can Dogs Eat? Here’s What is and isn’t Safe For Your Dog

What can dogs eat Heres what is and isnt safe

It’s important to know which foods are safe to feed your dog. A small amount of some items can be safe, but overdoing it can cause stomach distress and even obesity. Thankfully, there are a few healthy alternatives to treat your pooch.

Broccoli is a nutritious option. It contains vitamin A, which helps your dog’s immune system fight off infections. It also has fiber, which is good for your pup’s digestive tract. However, it’s not recommended that you give your dog too many of these vegetables, as they can make your pet sick.

Blackberries are an excellent source of vitamins and antioxidants. They’re also very low in calories. However, they are high in sugar. If you’re going to give your pooch these fruits, make sure they’re fresh. The skin of these fruits can be difficult to chew, which can lead to stomach upset.

Peanut butter can be a great source of protein for your pup. But it’s best to use natural peanut butter, which is free of xylitol. It should also be unsalted.

Oatmeal is also a great choice for your pooch. However, make sure it doesn’t contain any added sugar or flavors. Similarly, plain yogurt is a great choice. It has both protein and probiotics, and can be a great alternative to milk.

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Coconut is another nutrient-rich food for your pooch. Its lauric acid can help clear up skin problems and combat viruses. It’s also a good source of heart-healthy fats.

Carrots are a tasty treat for your pooch. They’re packed with vitamins and beta-carotene. The best part is that they don’t tend to give your pooch gas. They’re also easy to digest. If you want to keep your pup’s belly full, try steaming or pureeing them.

Pineapple has numerous vitamins and minerals, but it is also high in sugar. It’s not safe to let your pup eat the entire ear of corn, as it can cause an intestinal blockage. In addition, the pit of a nectarine can cause a choking hazard, so make sure it’s removed before serving it to your pup.

Raw meat is not recommended for your pooch, and it can also be harmful. Bacteria can live in the meat, which can cause food poisoning in humans. Besides, a raw meat diet does not provide a complete nutritional balance.

There are some other things you should avoid feeding your dog. Some of the worst culprits include onions, garlic, and peppers. Onions are toxic to your pooch’s digestive tract. Garlic and onion powder can be found in some commercial dog foods, as well. And, while it’s not deadly, cinnamon can irritate your pup’s mouth, so it’s better to stay away.

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The best thing to serve your pup is a good quality dog food. Some boutique products can contain unsavory ingredients, such as raw meat or macadamia nuts. But most importantly, be aware of the possible signs your dog may have of a lactose intolerance. Whether it’s a dog’s milk or a human’s, be sure to monitor your pooch closely to ensure that it is not suffering from this condition.