curly haired dog

Dog Breeds With Curly Hair

So, you’re looking for a dog breed with curly hair…

Dog breeds with curly hair are adorable. Few people can resist their charm.

It feels amazing to run your fingers through their curly coats. Most dogs with curly coats are stylish and fun. These breeds have long been sought-after pets, mainly because of their intelligence and friendliness to children.

The curly coat makes these breeds have a distinctive appearance. The only issue you’re likely to face is trying to narrow down your choice of the dog breeds with curly hair to pick… there are simply too many adorable options.

This article outlines a few of the popular curly-haired dog breeds you may find suitable for you and your family.


Poodleblack poodle on green grass during daytime

Often, this is the first breed that comes to most people’s minds when they picture a dog with curly hair. However, poodles have additional selling points besides their elegant and kinky looks.

For starters, you are sure to get poodles of different sizes, and the best thing about them is that they are all amiable, intelligent, and affectionate. They also make the best breed for families with young children because they are good with kids.


Bichon Frisebichon frise dog lying on sofa

Bichon Frise is the perfect fit for people drawn to smaller dogs with curly hair. This dog breed is also energetic and quite playful. The cheerful, friendly disposition of the bichon frise makes them an excellent choice for people who live in apartments with no ample space.

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They are also an ideal choice for those trying to pet a dog for the first time. They are easy to groom and train and are neither droolers nor barkers.


Airedale Terrierlong-coated brown and black dog

This breed of dog can be a terrific companion. Most Airedale Terriers can be a bit of a hand full. They are the largest terrier in the world. It is recommended that anyone who would want to pet this dog breed have a fenced yard. They are, however, the best selection for those searching for a high-energy pup with a fluffy coat.

You also want to make sure that they have a lot of space to play and release their natural inner energy because they love playing. Airedale terriers are predisposed to digging up treasures, meaning that if you don’t provide them with enough playroom, you will spend a lot of your time cleaning your house. Nonetheless, they are compassionate and get along with other dogs.


Pumigrey pumi dog standing on grass

This dog breed was initially bred to gather and guard sheep on farms because of their intelligence in herding. While their curly hair often comes in white or tan, pumik (plural) are commonly grey. Their coarse overcoat and soft undercoat help them keep warm in extreme weather conditions.

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Pumik are very protective of their people, quite vocal and expressive. They are friendly and sometimes overly shy with strangers. They act as a perfect mix of skepticism and love.

Final remarks on dog breeds with curly hair…

As you ponder your decision, it’s important to note that grooming the curly hair puppy is specific to the breed and sometimes the pup’s size. While you can do the cleaning yourself, hiring a professional to groom your curly hair dog at least once every two months is the secret to maintaining their elegant appearance. If the dog is small, daily grooming is recommended.

Nonetheless, please do a thorough background search on the curly hair breed of your choice, including its history, personality, and health.