What Human Foods Can Cats Eat?

What Human Foods Can Cats Eat

Whether you’re a new owner or have been feeding your cat human foods for years, you may be wondering what types of human foods your pet can eat. The good news is that there are many safe options that can be safely introduced to your feline friend. In fact, a few of these items are actually beneficial to your cat.

One of the easiest ways to meet your pet’s nutrient requirements is to use a commercially prepared diet. These are formulated by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist, and are complete and balanced. They are also a great way to give your cat a balanced diet without having to cook.

If you’re planning on giving your cat a snack, consider a fresh fruit. You can choose from a variety of healthy options such as bananas, strawberries, and cantaloupe. Each one contains high levels of vitamins and antioxidants. Make sure to thoroughly wash the fruits before feeding them to your furry friend.

Alternatively, you can feed your pet a few raw apples. These fruits are packed with fiber and contain vitamin A, which is good for your cat’s eyes and skin. However, be sure to remove the stem and the hard skin before introducing them to your pet. This will help prevent the risk of cyanide poisoning.

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If you want to provide your cat with protein, be sure to give them canned fish. This is a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. It’s also important to choose a brand that is low in salt. You should also be sure to rinse the canned fish thoroughly before serving it to your furry friend.

You can also serve your cat whole-wheat breadcrumbs and brown rice. These are easy to digest and provide a good amount of protein. You can also give your cat small amounts of mild cheeses. If your cat needs to eat cheese, the best choice is cottage cheese.

For your cat’s health, be sure to avoid giving it a lot of processed packaged food. These foods are likely to have artificial colours and preservatives. Aside from this, you should also be aware that these foods can have a negative effect on your cat’s digestive system.

Another healthy treat for your feline is a slice of peeled apple. It’s high in protein and is also a good source of vitamins. But be careful that you don’t give your cat too much of the peel, which can be difficult for your pet to chew.

You can also give your cat some nuts. These are a healthy source of fat and calcium. But be sure to only offer your cat a few pieces at a time, as too much of these can lead to tummy upsets.

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You should also be aware that some kinds of mushrooms can be very toxic for cats. Some types can even cause death. Despite this, it’s still possible for your furry friend to enjoy mushrooms. The best way to tell if your cat has ingested a mushroom is to check with your veterinarian.